10 Important Questions to Ask if Google Local Business Search is Right for your Small Business


There’s a major, new trend in the way people search and find local businesses.

The trend is Google local business search, and small business owners should pay attention.
There are over 2 billion search queries per month.

There are over 2 billion search queries per month.

Why is it so important? Because if you’re not on the map that Google displays when people search for your type of business, you’re missing out on a rapidly increasing amount of business. Experts estimate that there are currently over 2 billion Google local search queries per month, and that’s just the start. Local search is skyrocketing. Even more surprising is the statistic that 61% of local searches result in purchases. These prospects are serious about buying. Being on Google’s local search pinpoint map could easily mean the difference between healthy business and out of business.

If you doubt whether Google local business search should be an important part of your marketing and sales strategy, first ask yourself these questions:

  1. Do your prospects Google search for your type of business?
  2. Are your competitors’ websites coming up and you are not? Are they coming up before you?
  3. Do they own smartphones?
  4. Do you get business leads over the phone?
  5. Are the leads you receive time sensitive, for example, are they looking for a plumber when the basement is filling with water?
  6. Do prospects ever try to find your business on Google Maps?
  7. Does anyone ever purchase from you based on proximity to your location?
  8. Does anyone ever decide on a “short list” of possible businesses based on those available in your city?
  9. Do your customers make reservations using mobile phones?
  10. Do you have more than one location that prospects might be trying to find?

If you answered yes to any of these, and many similar questions, you need to understand that prospects are using Google to find businesses. You need to start learning about how to position or better position your business and website for this change in consumer behavior.

Is your small business represented appropriately in Google Local Business Search? Let us know.


About the Author:

Jennifer Kamerman is the Interactive Marketing Manager at MESH. In her role at MESH, Jennifer has driven marketing strategies and projects for small privately-owned businesses, as well as $80 billion international conglomerates. She is known for her strong work ethic, project management skills and a passion for social media engagement strategies. Any day of the week, you can hear her enthusiastically discussing lead generation campaigns, thin mint Girl Scout cookies, SEO, stiletto heels, pink (the color, not the singer) or one of our next BIG IDEAs for a client. Her trusty pink notebook plays an important role in tracking all marketing campaign details including scheduling, scoping, budgeting and resourcing.