9 Types Of Small Business Marketing Videos That Can Help Grow Your Business


Small Business Marketing Videos

Small business owners know how important online marketing is, but few incorporate one of the most powerful marketing tools at their disposal: small business marketing videos.

Sixty-four percent of consumers are more likely to purchase a product or service after watching a video about it. Unfortunately, most small businesses don’t think they have the chops to make an effective online marketing video.

But video content for small businesses doesn’t have to be perfect to be effective. Forget about filming in hi-def and focus on how videos can generate interest and awareness, create leads, and grow conversions.

Here are 9 different types of marketing videos your small business can use today:


Vlog videos are user-generated, low budget, and mostly off the cuff—it’s like having a conversation with the camera.

Vlogs are very democratic and are great for inciting a conversation with the public about interesting, sometimes controversial topics. Consumers look to vlogs for candid discussions, not pitchy salesmanship.

Vlogs can be about anything, and they’re just as easy to share online as articles or blog posts. They’re great for reviewing a new product or making comparisons of similar products. Use them to share your expertise on a particular subject.


Webinars are great educational tools that combine video with features that allow your brand to interact with consumers in a live discussion. Webinars are effective for cultivating authority on a particular topic in your industry and great for inbound marketing and content marketing campaigns.

With a webinar, you can break the wall between you and the viewers by speaking directly to them in a live or recorded broadcast. Viewers who watch live can ask questions, provide feedback, and comment on a topic you prepare in advance.

Webinars are powerful tools for lead generation. By asking someone to register in advance for a ‘seat’ to a live webinar, you enable your business to collect valuable information from viewers that will be useful to you later for follow-up correspondence.

Although you won’t sell products directly in a webinar, it’s a great way to build a rapport with your audience.

Event Videos

Event videos are great at exposing truths about a business, including its products, customers, and behind the scenes company culture. Event videos are particularly effective because they’re not selling anything directly. Instead, viewers get to be a fly on the wall and go somewhere new with your brand and company.

Plus, event videos are easy to make; you don’t need a script, just a camera (or phone) and some editing to take viewers on a ride.


Not every product or service is self-explanatory, and in those instances, nothing is more effective at showing how something works than a video tutorial.

Video tutorials are no different from articles that explain (in written words) how products work. But unlike those articles, video content is more digestible, and often preferred by their viewer.

Use video tutorials to help potential customers get over any apprehension or doubts. Show them how something works, demonstrate processes or, most importantly, show them how your product solves their problems.


Video testimonials build trust with new consumers through non-salesy content focused on overcoming skepticism.

Video testimonials are often scripted, have a polished look, and include happy customers speaking highly about your product or service. The best testimonials don’t just praise your product with endless adjectives. Instead, good video testimonials showcase three things: benefits, company claims, and credibility.

The people giving the testimonials should be representative of your larger audience, and they should add real value to the public conversation, offering direct examples of success (benefits) and backing up any claims your company promises with as much transparency as possible (credibility).

If you can accomplish these things, a testimonial video can be a powerful content marketing tool for your small business.

Product Animation

Not every product or service is as sexy on camera. That being said, there’s no reason you can’t break from reality to spice up boring processes or demonstrations.

Product animation is often outsourced to a third party that specializes in this type of video production. It’s likely more expensive, but the end results can be very polished, and very effective.

Instead of shooting live action, you’ll write a script to go with your live animation; together, you’ll be able to simplify complex ideas or processes and showcase your brand’s creative side with unique animated content.

This type of video works well on social media sites, and on your company’s homepage.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animated explainer videos are similar to product animation videos in that they’re scripted and often produced by a third party that specialized in animated video. However, these videos aren’t just about demonstrating a specific process, or showcasing the benefits of products. These videos use a variety of tactics to achieve results at various points in the buyer’s journey.

They can be used to educate a buyer or showcase the brand in a compelling story; and whiteboard animations illustrate complex processes right in front of the viewer’s eyes.

Explainer videos are very effective as homepage videos because they’re quick, to the point, and extend the amount of time a user spends on your site, which gives other marketing efforts more room to grow.

Business Profile Videos

Content that’s less than 3 minutes long is the ideal video length. Business profile videos are the perfect flicks to make an impact in less than 3 minutes.

Profile videos highlight the people and personalities that run a business. This might include various people from different departments, or just the founders and executives.

Whatever the case, these profile videos are effective at humanizing your business and brand. Let people see and learn more about those who make your company great.


Interviews are an easy way to generate valuable content that’s easy to create, and without much preparation in advance.

Whether recorded live, like on Google Hangouts, or scripted and filmed in person, interview videos are a great way to bring influential people from your industry into your marketing fold.

Video interviews are especially useful for B2B marketers because they allow industry experts to discuss relatable subjects that add immediate value to buyers.

Even if someone doesn’t buy your product today, by being a source of regular, industry-related content, you’ll likely be first on the list should the buyer ever change his mind.

There’s just no substitute for video marketing (especially if you’re engaged in content marketing). Not only do moving pictures have the power to grab short attention spans, but they’re also highly effective at converting views into customers. Give one of these nine tips a try and start growing your small business marketing video library today.

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