8 Innovative Ways Custom Wristbands and Totebags are Used in Big Events

Wristbands aren’t just fancy accessories anymore; they’re heavily used in big events to help the planners, staff, and the attendees to have an easier and better time in the occasion. But how exactly do wristbands make this possible? Here are some cool ways these tiny accessories have changed how big events are done.

1. Who Gets Where – Quick Classification

Of course, there’s the fairly obvious benefit of color-coded bands that quickly identify attendees. This is especially useful in concerts where people are trying to figure out which gate they’re allowed to pass. Can they go backstage or perhaps they can be just a few steps away from the artist? Your wristband can tell so much with just its colors and all security has to do it look at it and let you in if your color meets criteria.

2. Quick Voucher Claims

Another cool way wristbands are being used today is as a free food or drink voucher. The way planners approach the idea may vary. Some put little paper attachments to the wristband that can be ripped off and exchanged for a freebie. Others will simply put a mark on the wristband while the more tech-savvy might choose to have the wristband “scanned” to see how much free drinks and food they have left. It definitely speeds up the process and is perfect for attendees who want to prepay.

3. Savings on Ticket Printing

Another great innovation that came out of using wristbands for big events would be to save on tickets printed. This works best for events that cover several days like conventions. No need to print a different ticket for each day; just give them a color-coded wristband which shows if they get an all-access pass, a first-day pass, or a last-day pass.

4. Instant Brand Ambassadors

There’s also the fact that wristbands are visibly seen by others, making the wearer a walking and talking brand ambassador. With the right logo printed onto the wristband, it can quickly catch the eye of the public and perhaps encourage them to also be part of the event.

5. Totebag Reminders

Some custom designed totebags today are built with special add-ons that can be “read” on site. This will inform the staff whether the wearer has access to certain services or products. Some can even choose to load their tote bags with a predetermined amount of snacks and or promotional gifts to let their audiences bring them home to keep them reminded of the brands they encountered during the event.

6. Limit Fraud

Wristbands also help limit fraud, especially if you’re trying to avoid scalpers in your event. By allowing your attendees to wear wristbands, there’s also a very low chance that they can be stolen or passed off from one person to another as a way to get into the event. Some big event planners go as far as put in chips or RFID to help with the identification of the wearer.

7. RFID in Connecting Attendees

An impressive way RFID or Radio Frequency Identification was used in an event in Belgium is by allowing attendees to connect with each other. Prior to the event, they can register their wristbands online and connect it to their Facebook account. If they somehow get a few feet from each other during the event, they can press a heart-shaped button integrated in the band. From there, the program sends their Facebook profiles to each other and who knows what happens after that.

8. Surprise Gifts

Some events also use the wristbands to give their attendees surprise gifts. In fact, there’s an event in Las Vegas where attendees were given free gifts based on their wristband. The staff just scanned their RFID bands to figure out exactly what they would get at the end of the event. It’s definitely a cool way to top off an already exciting day of connecting with your favorites.

Of course, those are just some of the innovative ways that wristbands are being used to aid big events. As technology gets better integrated into these wristbands, you’ll find that event planners will find newer and better ways to use this as a tool to make each experience better.

Enrolling High Ticket Clients as a High Ticket Sales Coach

Sales coaching can be an extremely lucrative and rewarding career. If you are looking to take your sales skills to the next level, becoming a high ticket sales coach could be just what you need. This guide will teach you how to become a high ticket sales coach, and how to help others do the same. So, whether you are just starting out in sales or are a seasoned pro, read on for tips on how to reach new heights as a high ticket sales coach!

Do you have what it takes?

As an expert in your field, you are always looking for ways to improve your skills and add more value for your clients. One area that you should work on is charging premium fees and enrolling high-ticket clients. You know that if you can figure out how to do this effectively, it will have a significant impact on your revenue.

The problem begins once you doubt yourself. That’s when the self-limiting beliefs set in and start to take over. You tell yourself things like, “I could never charge that much,” or “They would never pay me that much.”

Stop the negative self-talk and start to believe in yourself and your abilities. If you don’t believe that you are worth high-ticket prices, no one else will either. It all starts with you.

Getting over your fears

It is normal to feel some level of fear or anxiety when venturing into new territory. However, if you let your fears control you, they will prevent you from reaching your potential in mastering how to enroll high ticket clients.

The first step to getting over your fears is to identify them. Write down everything that is holding you back from becoming a high ticket sales coach. Once you have identified your fears, it will be easier to start working on them.

For example, let’s say you are afraid of public speaking. This is a common fear that can hold people back from becoming a high ticket sales coach. To overcome this fear, start by doing some research on public speaking. Read articles, watch videos, and find public events to practice your skills. The more you educate yourself on the topic, the less fearful you will become.

Of course, you’d also do yourself a favor by learning from people who have proven themselves in the high ticket sales coaching world. Attend their events, buy their products, and listen to their advice. By surrounding yourself with success, you will start to believe in yourself and your ability to achieve your goals.

The only high ticket coaching program you need

If you’re looking for a high ticket coaching program that will help you close more sales and enroll more high-ticket clients, look no further! The High-Ticket Coach Certification Program is created by Dan Lok and Alex Mandossian.

With decades of experience in sales and marketing, Dan Lok is a world-renowned expert on high-ticket sales. Meanwhile, Alex Mandossian is a master marketer who has generated over $400 million in sales for himself, his students, and clients.

Together, they have created a step-by-step program that will show you how to close high-ticket sales and enroll clients who are willing to pay premium fees.

Over a span of 90 days, you can learn from these two masters and get access to their proven strategies, scripts, and templates. Finally, you can start your journey in the second-fastest growing industry in the whole world. The coaching industry isn’t going anywhere, and you just might be the next high ticket sales coach success story!

Copywriting Techniques that Help with SEO

Copywriting is a marketing investment where content is created for the benefit of both the intended audience and the search engine. Done correctly, a well-crafted article not only ranks well under Google’s algorithm, it also compels the reader to take action. Perhaps click on a link, sign up with their email, or buy a product outright.

Creating a good article that captures the audience is fairly straightforward – keep it simple and informational. But how do you make it appeal to search engines at the same time? Here are some techniques you should know:

Grabbing the Right Keywords

The process starts with the keywords – specifically grabbing the right ones that match your industry. More than 50 percent of the job is getting the right keywords that aren’t overly used yet. For example, if you use the keyword “Grand Canyon”, you might get buried under all the other pages using the same keyword. It therefore makes sense to use something a tad more unique “Grand Canyon rafting” or “Grand Canyon adventure”. This poses fewer competition and could give you better chances of ranking in Google searches.

Entice with the Title

You’ll find that there are actually three titles to be concerned about when writing for SEO. There’s the Meta Title, the Meta Description, and the Article Title itself. All three should contain a primary keyword or a secondary keyword to make sure that it grabs the attention of the reader as well as the search engine. If you do a search – the Meta Title is the one that pops up while the Meta Description is the longer phrase at the bottom. Ideally, both should be phrased in a way that compels the person to click. It has to imply a sense of urgency and availability of information.

Formulating Content in Context

Old SEO is limited by simply putting keywords in an article several times and then hoping for the best. Today however, Google managed to factor in quality and intent. You see, whenever people type a word or phrase in the search box, they’re looking for something specific. They could be looking for information about a product or perhaps they already know what they want and simply want to buy it online.

Good copywriting tailors an article to meet the person’s intent when launching the search. For example, a search about “best basketball shoes” is done for information proposes so you want to provide candid reviews of product before linking out to the product itself. On the other hand, a search of “basketball shoes” leads to an e-commerce site. The word “ideas” in a keyword usually means a list article while a “how to” is targeted towards beginners.

Answering Questions

Google has this beautiful feature where you can type words onto the search box and it completes the phrase for you. This immediately shows some of the most common questions or search terms used by people in relation to your product or service. Good copywriters often use this as a jump off point for the creation of quality articles. Using these questions, answers can be formulated for the audience – creating a targeted approach towards problem solving. The beauty here is that this format makes use of long-tail keywords which helps narrow down the market.

It’s a Numbers Game

Understand that not all articles will get excellent ratings – even if it is optimized for search engines. Some of them will do badly and it’s important to be able to identify the good ones from the bad. The totality of these articles will determine your site’s overall quality. This is why it’s important to make the distinction so that you can overwhelm a bad page with a good one.

Initiating the Turn

Copywriting is made to encourage visitors to do something without overly selling it to them. The approach has to be subtle and done in such a way that there’s no pressure on the person reading. In layman’s parlance, this is called “the turn” where you go from offering information to asking for something to be done.

A good way to initiate this is by encouraging contact to ask questions, make estimates, get a freebie, enjoy a free trial, or get an exclusive product.

Research the Top Rankers

Finally, don’t forget to check out the competition. For SEO purposes inside any Houston SEO company, it’s important to find out the common features of those who are currently occupying the spot you want to occupy with your content. This will give you the chance to tweak your own content in a similar style and then add a few more details to get ahead of the competition.

Note though that in order to gain the benefits of an SEO-friendly article, you have to choose a good copywriter who can do the job for you, consult with Johnny Chen for further advice. It takes some skill to hit that balance between informative and SEO-friendly if you really want to rank well within your keywords.

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Houston SEO Company
9908 Spring Shadows Park Cir, Houston, TX 77080

7 Best Houston Pizza Parlors

Let’s not deny the fact that pizza is one of the most comforting food items around. It’s convenient, fast, and inarguably a delicious comfort food which not only fills the tummy but uplifts the soul as well. Our dining experience may have changed recently, but our love for pizza remains the same. If you’re ready to venture out into the world and enjoy a slice or two at a shop, here are the top 7 restaurants in Houston that serve delectable pizzas.

1. Cane Rosso

Cane Rosso located in North Shepherd Drive is one of the few places that serve an exciting pizza menu. Due to the popularity of this Dallas import across the state, it opened shop in Houston as well. Some of its best-selling pizzas include the PBR topped with generous amounts of pepperoni, brisket, barbecue sauce, and jalapenos. Their classic Margerita pizza features fresh ingredients and smothered with lots of cheese on top. Don’t forget to try out their Honey Bastard pizza that is the perfect balance between sweet and fiery, thanks to its smoked bacon paired with habanero honey sauce.

2. Brother’s Pizzeria

Brother’s Pizzeria is yet another pizza parlor worth visiting in North Shepherd Drive. If you’ve always wanted to make your own pizza using your preferred ingredients, this is the perfect place to dine with family and friends. Some of their best sellers include the Brothers Special Pizza featuring all the classic ingredients such as pepperoni, mushroom, onions, black olives, Canadian bacon, and heaps of extra cheese. Other customer favorites are the Cheese Pizza which you can make on your own and the veggie pizza for those who want a healthier, more wholesome option.

3. BOH Pasta & Pizza

If you’re craving Roman-style pizza, head out to BOH Pasta & Pizza. Whether you can only finish a slice or want to treat your loved ones to a whole pie, this restaurant’s scrumptious pizza will never disappointment. What sets their pizzas apart is that their dough is allowed to ferment to produce a light and crispy crust that we all love. They also offer a frozen option that you can stock at home for those late-night cravings and movie marathons.

4. Coltivare

For sourdough bread lovers, give your palate some excitement with the pizza offerings at Coltivare. Their best-selling sourdough crust with a hint of sorghum boasts the perfect balance between sweet and sour. The use the freshest seasonal ingredients, making their pizzas some of the best in Houston. Don’t forget to try out their pizza featuring braised duck, smoked mozzarella, locally produced peppers, and pink peppercorns.

5. Pizaro’s Pizza Napoletana

As the name suggest, Pizaro’s are highly acclaimed for their Italian pies, but they do serve filling Detroit-style, New York-style, deep dish, and rectangular pizzas, too. The use nothing but the best ingredients, which can make it hard to limit your order to just one pizza variety.

6. Rosie Cannonball

Rosie Canonball is a restaurant that specializes in Southern European Comfort good, with pizza as one of its best-selling dishes. Their pizzas are too crispy and crunchy to be called Neopolitan and too delicate to be categorized as New York-style. They cook all their pizza in a wood-burning oven, so expect some extra gooeyness and perfectly burnt edges upon serving. Try their signature pizza, the Focaccia di Recco smothered with cheese and salty meat that will surely satisfy your hunger.

7. Vinny’s

If you want variety, Vinny’s is the perfect place to be. They serve pizza-by-the-slice in rectangular slabs. You can choose from a wide variety of meats, including Italian Sausage, Benton’s Ham, Chorizo, to picked jalapenos. At present, Vinny’s offers its diverse menu selection for delivery or takeaway.

7 Fancy Snack Shops in Houston

Three square meals a day can be a thing of the past as more people become busier and don’t have time to prepare their food. They resort to cafes found all over the place that serve warm food and drinks in a lively or quiet atmosphere whichever you prefer.

Houston has a plethora of haunts that can serve hot or cold coffee and baked goods. Check out our list of fancy snack shops in Houston below:

1. Grinders Coffee Bar

Grinders Coffee Bar located at 5410 Kirby Dr. Houston has been serving their customers with a wide variety of hot or cold coffee and teas. Their customers enjoy pairing these beverages with savory and sweet food selections. You can drop by their shop any time of the day as they serve delightful food with a smile together with your morning coffee, lunch, and afternoon snacks. You can start your day right at Grinders Coffee Bar.

2. French Gourmet Bakery

This French and American style bakery has been an icon, serving Houstonians for over 40 years. Their popular scrumptious cakes, cookies, pastries, and bread have been favorite treats for their customers that keep on coming back for more. Their delicious goodies are made from scratch in-house to ensure that they serve only the best and the freshest food treats for their customers using the best ingredients.

3. Hugs & Donuts

This café serves Houston’s favorite donuts and kolache cafes made in-house with Heartisan love. Their donut toppings vary according to the season but they make sure that the crowd’s favorite donut holes, glace, pie fillings, cake donuts, fritters, and sprinklers are always on the daily menu. Kolaches also rotate depending on the season and what they find interesting to serve.

4. Blacksmith

Blacksmith is a popular choice to enjoy specialty coffee and great food. They source their coffee beans from different locations and serve only the freshest brew. You can pair your cup of joe with their different food choices as they serve breakfast, lunch, and snacks. They are open from 7 am to 5 pm daily and some customers have been swearing about how good their biscuits are that they keep coming back for more.

5. Bouchée Pâtisserie

If you want to treat yourself to extravagant Parisian-inspired indulgences, this is the place to go. This has become a favorite spot in Houston found inside the opulent Post Oak Hotel. Their award-winning pastry chef serves only artisan confections that are inspired by both traditional and extravagant Parisian indulges. Satisfy your palate with their celebratory cakes, house-made bonbons, gelato, quiches, specialty coffee, and carefully crafted chocolates.

6. Kraftsmen Baking

This café serves freshly brewed coffee with bread lovingly made by hand using only the finest ingredients. Their bread is baked using flour that is top milled and free from bleaching agents and bromate. Using no chemical preservatives, their artisan bread is one of the best products available on the market. They also serve breakfast and lunch daily ending their food service at 5 pm and coffee service up to the closing time at 6 pm. Visit them at 611 W 22nd St. Houston, TX.

7. Tout Suite

Located in the burgeoning EADO or East Downtown Houston, Tout Suite is a lively café where customers can enjoy great coffee, baked goods, simple fine food, and get their work done. They can always get you a spot where you can study and finish your task while enjoying a cup of coffee or a good meal.

Getting your food at a snack shop near you can help satisfy your hunger at your convenience. Unlike getting a meal that requires patience, snack shops offer fast food and fast service that can ease hunger cravings for quick satisfaction. A lot of these fancy snack shops are thriving in Houston to make sure you get the nutritional on-the-go food you need.

How to Get the Most Out of Your Press Releases

Here’s how to increase the return on your investment in developing a release. Almost all of these ideas I have tried myself, and with only an exception or two, they are also free. You can’t beat that!

So here are twenty ways that you can use your release to communicate with your customers and prospects. –

  1. Distribute your release to the appropriate news media. This sounds obvious but most companies either blast their release to every email address they can find, which simply annoys editors who have no interest in your industry, company, etc., or they develop a custom list and fail to look creatively at less obvious media.
  2. Publish the release on your business website. If the release is keyword rich, the search engines are more likely to index your story.
  3. Send a copy of your release to your prospects. Even if the subject matter is not directly related to their interest in your business, most will appreciate being informed about your company. A personal note attached to the release can make this even more effective.
  4. Distribute the release to your employees. Many businesses forget to do this or only make copies available to employees who have an obvious need to know the contents. Keeping everyone in the company informed is a good practice. An intranet or company email is a suitable news delivery system.
  5. Use Twitter to promote a link back to the release on your website. Consider relevant hashtags that might increase the audience size and possible retweets.
  6. Email the release to your in-house email list. This might include prospects, newsletter recipients, and others that you email regularly. You don’t need to email the entire release – a link back to the web page with your release will work fine.
  7. Include the release in your press kits. This might seem obvious but many press kits become stale after a while. Including copies of two or three of your most recent releases can help keep the kit up-to-date.
  8. Use the press release as an auto-responder. Chances are you are getting inquiries about your business and services regularly. If you are already using an auto-responder to let contacts know that you have received their email, why not include a link to your press release?
  9. Use company bulletin boards to display the release. This can be in an area for employees or even a customer waiting area.
  10. Use your company blog to publish the release. Adding appropriate tags can increase the chances of other bloggers and members of the press picking up your story.
  11. Use online press release services to expand your news reach. If you are using a custom list of local or trade news outlets, it makes sense to consider national and international Internet press release services. Many of them are free and offer another opportunity to have your company name and news appear online.
  12. Include your release – or perhaps a summary – in your product information mailings. Again, this is a way to make prospects and customers aware of the important events taking place at your business. Press releases included in such mailings always get noticed and are usually read from top to bottom.
  13. Buy ad space to publish your press release. Many times editors will trim your release to the point where some of the main news items are lost. Buying ad space for your complete release is a cost-effective way to give audiences the complete story. And because using ad space for releases is relatively uncommon, they tend to get more noticed than regular ads in the same space. If the editor completely ignores your release, publishing it in paid space is another strategy for getting it in front of your audience.
  14. Include your release in shareholder kits. Having a current press release will increase the effectiveness of your shareholder kit. Potential shareholders will appreciate getting the latest information about your business and will transfer that interest to your other shareholder information.
  15. Hand out copies of your press release at trade shows, conferences, and speaking engagements. Attendees at these kinds of events are inundated with brochures, key chains, and other paraphernalia. At the end of a long day, the businesses that gave them these goodies meld together in one big blur. Including a press release as a handout is not something, most businesses think of. By doing so, your participation will be more memorable. And with the right contact information, this technique can result in more follow-up contacts.
  16. Distribute the release at press conferences. While this might seem to be a no-brainer, most of the PR focus at such events is the reason for the press conference itself – a new business location, a new product line, etc. No doubt you will include background information about such news. In addition to having a press release about the event, consider including one or two other recent releases. It will keep the press better informed about your business and might result in news stories about other aspects of your business.
  17. Post your press release on your company’s Facebook page. You have a Facebook page, right?
  18. Insert your press release into customer statements and invoices. Your current customers are your best source for repeat business and referrals. Let them know about your new products and services and other company news.
  19. Add a link to your press release in your employee email signatures. This communications tool can do far more than provide a web or email address. Including a link to the important company, and the news is a simple way to expand your audience reach.
  20. Add your press release with appropriate tags to Delicious, Digg, and other social bookmarking and content-sharing websites. Audiences who are searching for information about your company, products, and industry will see your news story and possibly share it with other interested persons.