How to Connect With Your Customers on Social Media


How to connect with customers on social media
Did you know that approximately 2.1 billion people around the world actively use social media? This number is undoubtedly huge and brings us to how you can connect with customers on social media, and the massive potential reach you can benefit from.

When it comes to building positive relationships with your customers, small businesses cannot overlook social media. According to a research report, almost 42% of customers will recommend a brand to a friend if they had a good experience with it on social media. This means that developing solid relations with customers requires small businesses to bring their A-game for social media interactions.

This blog will teach you the best ways small businesses build great customer relationships through social interactions and strategies. Let’s get started!

Stay In Touch

One of the biggest problems customers on social media come across is unanswered queries. Within social media marketing lies a great opportunity for businesses to get close to their customers. However, when businesses fail to recognize this opportunity and neglect their customer queries and feedback, that’s when things can get out of hand.

All of this is directly related to the way you perceive customer service. If you believe in offering swift customer service, it will reflect on the way you interact with your social audience. Not replying to customer queries, not solving their problems, and not responding to their feedback is what makes customers agitated. So, if you want your customers to rely on you and trust in your brand, you need to start responding to them as soon as possible. By conversing with them, you will be able to change their perception of your business.

Spark Up Conversations

Answering queries is very important, but setting up a social media account and not getting engaged with your customers is where most businesses fall down. Make your customers smile by posting highly interactive, engaging, and entertaining content on each of your social media platforms. You need to keep your audience engaged on your page, offering information about your brand and sharing entertaining posts. This will help your customers associate your brand through positive, entertainment, and thought-provoking–don’t forget value-added content. If you are not sure which social media channels your small business should be on, refer to your content marketing strategy

The people who use social media platforms are constantly in search of entertaining, useful content that they can rely on for tips and tricks as well as share among friends. So, it’s important to remain active in posting new pictures, videos, blogs, etc., to keep their interest alive.

While we’re on the topic of superior customer engagement through social networks, Tippex is a small company that is worth a mention. The company made a 30 second video for YouTube with the title “Hunter Shoots a Bear”. They added a twist to it by giving viewers the freedom to choose the ending. Towards the end of the video, the hunter grabs a Tippex from outside of the frame and removed the word ‘shoot’, giving viewers a chance to plan their own ending. The video received more than 21 million views, making it one of the most viral clips of the time.

Be Socially Responsible Together

When you promote a good cause and stand up for it on social media, you are able to garner a lot of attention from everyone. That’s the benefit of being socially responsible. Many companies invest in Corporate Social Responsibility campaigns on digital platforms. Tyson Foods is one such company that teamed up with social media platforms to start a campaign for hunger relief in Austin, Texas. Tyson Foods agreed to donate 100 pounds of chicken for every comment on its blog. The food was sent to the Capital Area Food Bank of Texas and received 658 comments in just two hours of the campaign’s activation.

The campaign not only fed the hungry, but also helped Tyson Foods create a positive image in the eyes of its customers in addition to helping the company expand its social media reach.

Be Generous With Promotion Offers

Who doesn’t like discounts and special offers? A great way to capture your customers’ attention is to make an offer they can’t resist. That’s one of the best ways to connect with more customers and re-connect with the less active ones as well.

By offering them a freebie to share your content, you can instantly increase your social profile traffic, which will land your brand on many profiles. This is also a great opportunity to enhance brand recognition and exposure without actually doing something. A great example of driving traffic and attracting customers can be taken from a company named Harry’s. This online shaving products retailer offered free products to customers for sharing their website with others at the time of its launch. With the help of its incredible campaign, the company was able to garner 100,000 subscribers. Now that’s how you do it in style!

Share Company Insight

Is there a new project that you are working on or is there a new product that is about to hit the stores? One of the best ways to engage more people on social media and strengthen customer relations is to tell your audience what you are up to. Tell them about a product that is in the works or when they should mark their calendars for its release. This is a great way to create excitement amongst your customers.

Ask Questions

By asking your customers questions on social media, you can gather a lot of data through their answers and create engagement with them. Take is a step further and do poll questions to survey your customers about your products. The answers will give you a lot of insight on product use and quality, giving you a chance to make improvements.

Prioritize Negative Feedbacks

Did you know that only 49% of brands respond to social media feedbacks and mentions? Negative feedback and mentions act as red flags for a majority of businesses. The reason companies hesitate to respond or reply to such messages is that they are afraid of sparking up heated conversations and ruining their brand image. However, replying to negative comments is one of the most constructive things any company could do.

When an angry or dissatisfied customer mentions your brand, there is a chance for you to try to retain the customer who is probably about to cut ties with your brand. When you reply to negative comments and try to solve problems on a public and transparent platform, that’s when your customers are able to move on with the bad experience and give your brand another chance. Therefore, instead of prioritizing positive feedbacks by happy customers that are by your side, it’s beneficial to instantly respond to negative comments and feedbacks to retain a lost customer.

Social media offers tremendous opportunities to businesses for engaging with their customers in a fun and relaxed manner. By following the aforementioned tips, your small business will be able to shine above its competition. 

What customer success stories can you share about your social media experience? Haven’t fully invested in social media for your small business, contact us today for a no-obligation consultation.