How Small Businesses Can Connect with Customers on Instagram and Pinterest


How Small Businesses Can Connect with Customers on Instagram and Pinterest

Social media started trending and expending almost a decade ago. An industry, which emerged as a place for entertainment and social platforms, soon transformed into a place full of content marketing opportunities. The rise of social media as a customer service platform is surprising, yet exciting, especially for small businesses looking to connect with customers on Instagram and Pinterest. Both channels provide visual experiences that intrigue people far more than text alone to engage in and share content. 

In 2014, U.S. businesses invested around $16 billion in social advertising worldwide. In 2016, the investments have hiked up to $31 billion, and still counting.

Social media marketing has transmuted B2C relations. It has narrowed down the commercial customer loyalty into personalized relations. It has sped up feedback and communication and improved customer experience. With intriguing videos and compelling text, social media, when leveraged with the right content marketing strategy, can make customer persuasion easier and stronger. Precisely, social media has added life to commercial B2C relations, and that too at inexpensive costs.

Instagram and Pinterest are considered the most lively, creative, and interactive social media platforms for online business marketing. Here’s how you can use Instagram and Pinterest to connect with your customers and market your products and services.

Customer Engagement

It is easier to engage your customers on Pinterest and Instagram as compared to commercial adverts and print media. However, your purpose of customer engagement is not only to communicate but also to reach out new customers and educate them about your products. How can you do that?

  • Capture cool pictures of your products in use.
  • Write a quick note about the benefits of your products.
  • Enter hashtags of your product, post, and voila!

Reaching out to your customers and creating engagement on Pinterest and Instagram helps you in two ways. First, your posts will appear in the news feeds of your existing followers. Use the power of persuasion in product details to improve your conversions. Second, when new visitors and customers search using specific hashtags on Pinterest or Instagram they will get all related posts under one umbrella. Furthermore, you can use trending techniques to make your hashtag more visible on Instagram and Pinterest and market your products, free of cost.

Revenue Buttons

Life would have been so easy if we could just click on a button and transfer all grocery items into the pantry. This is how your customers think.

Online shopping is not new but Pinterest and Instagram have made online shopping quite easier for customers. Here you can showcase an image or video of your product. Customers who click on this revenue button will be redirected to the checkout on your website, where they can complete the purchase process.

If you want to sell your products directly through Pinterest, contact the administrator to add ‘Shop Now’ button in your online store. Instagram does not currently have a shopping button, but is preparing to integrate with Facebook Ads to initiate buying and selling.

What’s the benefit of revenue buttons, you ask? Revenue buttons are persuasive buttons to initiate the shopping process. With marketing perspective, these revenue buttons reduce or cut ‘delay’ and boost the conversion of leads into customers.

Direct Them to Your Website

One of the key social media marketing goals is to maximize customer traction on your website. A variety of ways are used to achieve this goal. On Pinterest and Instagram, you can add hashtags, locations, bios, links, picture tags, and deals to encourage customers to click and visit your website.

For Pinterest, copy the link of your website and insert it in the link option. You can add links on Instagram as well, however Instagram links appear as simple text and not hyperlinks so you’ll need to get creative in your message.

The more people you welcome on your website, the higher your chances of increasing revenue. When a person spends more time on your website, the chances of their subscription also increase. Converting a visitor into a subscriber is the first step of social media marketing. After that, you can step forward to convert visitors to loyal brand advocates by offering them deals, coupons, and such. It also increases the chances of word-of-mouth marketing and referral links.

Feature User Content

Your visitors and customers want to become a part of your business venture. It also helps win their loyalty and generate goodwill in the community. There are various ways to do this. You can accredit your visitors on Instagram for their posts. Ask your customers to review your products and post the reviews on their behalf. Make a section of Guest Posts on Pinterest and ask your loyal customers to post for you. Choose your customers with marketing potential and make them your business collaborators. Allow them to post pictures and videos.

Upload Videos

Watching a video is often more engaging than reading text-based content. Furthermore, it’s easy to memorize visuals than remembering text. This is why, people prefer watching videos to reading booklets and PDFs. You can upload how-to tutorials and videos on Pinterest and Instagram and share it with your customers. The videos may include techniques of using a product, money-saving tips, tricks and tips, and more.

Follow Your Followers Back

Create strategic relationships with your customers to learn more about your audience; what they post and how they prefer to connect. You can use social media management tools to keep track of your followers and research others to engage. Share the content of your followers and persuade them to share their views with you. 

These techniques will be helpful in evaluating the choices and preferences of your customers and help you discover the profitable niches. It will also help you establish strong marketing reputation and goodwill among the community.

Reward Followers

The Oscar Awards management always invites random bloggers, writers, and photographers to become a part of the extravaganza. It not only helps them spread the word with unique opinions but it also helps them keep the audience excited. Rewarding a follower excites other followers and increases customer engagement. It also helps increase your leads and boost conversions. You can reward your followers by posting their Guest Posts, offering them promotion codes, and creating contest giveaways. Reward new followers by providing exclusive offers, for example, give 20% off or free shipping. It’s helpful in boosting your conversions and attracting new customers.

Instagram and Pinterest are two of the many ways to connect with your customers. These are ideal platforms for entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to spread awareness or market their brand, products, or services. Instagram and Pinterest offer inexpensive online marketing solutions. Leveraging a specific hashtag can connect you and your customers to the product they may have purchased or are thinking about purchasing in a transparent way for others to see and benefit from.

Instagram and Pinterest tools not only eradicate ‘shopping delay time’ but they also persuade the customers to initiate sales. Customers can purchase a product right in the moment after seeing a product on your feed. Above all, these platforms help you strengthen your relationships with existing customers and prospects.

Are you looking to use Instagram and Pinterest for your small business but are not sure where to start? Contact us today about social media strategy plans.