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A landing page isn’t just any page on the internet.

To clarify, not all webpages are landing pages; but all landing pages are pages on the web. The difference is a matter of objective. A landing page has a clear objective, and the objective is usually to capture information from a user by filling out a form.

Electronic forms are used to collect important information about consumers, things like names, email addresses, ages, and locations, in order to engage that consumer at a later time.

Forms can serve specific functions like adding subscribers to an email list, downloading a tool or eBook, or granting access to gated content on a website.

Whatever the objective, forms are used on landing pages to direct a specific and direct action from the user – one that should result in a value for both the consumer and the business.

Landing pages are a necessary part of every internet marketing strategy. They help track when and how people come to your site, collect important consumer information, and start the user on the buyer’s journey.

Of course, this is how a landing page works in an ideal situation. Not all landing pages are as effective as others. In fact, there are several contributing factors that shape the success of a landing page, the least of which is having a form present on the page.

What Makes a Landing Page Effective?

Landing page copywriting is the engine that drives consumers to act. In combination with design, good copywriting will draw a consumer’s attention, hook him with detailed benefits, and close the deal with a clear call to action.

When effective, this process leads to what’s called a conversion event, or the moment when a stranger is welcomed into the buyer’s journey as a potential client.

This process takes mere seconds to complete. In fact, it’s been estimated that small businesses have but 8 seconds to win over a consumer before he leaves a landing page. If the copy fails to capture one’s attention, as well as imagination, those 8 seconds will fly by to no avail.

This is a critical step small businesses must learn to master, as it pertains to the overall success of other internet marketing services, like search engine marketing, social media marketing and sales, and so on. The former becomes less relevant if the landing pages aren’t able to capture users’ information and bring them into the fold.

Effective copywriting is what brings a landing page into focus and spurs a potential client to act. This includes the copy on the landing page, as well as copywriting on other marketing collateral used to improve the effectiveness of the landing page.

For example, video marketing has been proven successful at increasing conversions on landing pages. In some cases, conversions increased by 80 percent when video was used on a landing page.

Do Small Businesses Need Landing Pages?

Landing pages are like clients; you want, and need, more of them.

More landing pages means more visibility. Different landing pages attract different kinds of consumers. Having more unique offers for prospective clients increases your chances of conversion.

Landing pages also allow you to showcase different content offers, which helps drive more content creation and visa versa. Plus, the more landing pages you can create with unique offers and content, the easier it will be to set up search engine marketing for a small business (SEM) and social media marketing.

Paid advertising lets you target consumers with great detail. However, that’s all for not if the landing page doesn’t appeal to those particular consumers. These working parts work in collaboration with each other, not within a vacuum. That’s why landing pages are so important to your online success.

Interestingly, having multiple offers on a single landing page won’t solve this problem if you don’t have the resources to make dozens of unique landing pages.

Landing page copywriting might not be a source of strength for your small business. But the investment you make in developing unique copy for multiple landing pages will pay off in the end.

Similar to most internet marketing services, landing page copywriting can and should be A/B tested to get the best results.

Our experience with copywriting and the construction of effective landing pages will aid your conversion goals as well as bolster other internet marketing services you are already using.

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