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Mesh.Live.Build. is a service provided by content marketing agency MESH Interactive that provides quality marketing collateral creation services to small and medium sized business in Manchester, NH, and surrounding towns.

Marketing collateral is used to communicate a business’s primary message to consumers, as well as important information about the products and services offered by that business.

In the past, this material would have included things like print brochures or sales sheets—marketing pieces used by the sales team to inform a consumer about a purchase. Digital marketing collateral has come to include white papers, newsletters, PowerPoint presentations, electronic displays, and more.

Digital media allows marketing collateral to take on many forms. Marketing collateral is typically content that appeals to consumers after their first interactions with the brand, whether from social media advertising or search engine marketing for small businesses. Marketing collateral includes content that helps drive sales; these materials are often used by salespeople, and sometimes consumers interact with marketing collateral independently.

Either way, B2B and B2C businesses need marketing collateral to make the case for their products and services, so having effective marketing collateral is an important part of the sales process.

Marketing Collateral for Small Business

Marketing collateral is especially important for small businesses with limited resources. Good marketing collateral can surely substitute a large department of sales associates.

Marketing collateral is used by small businesses to do a number of things, like explain benefits, break down complex systems into easily understood processes, or showcase how a product is made or works. Marketing collateral can also be used to gain new subscribers, or to convince people to download a free trial of your product. In this case, the marketing collateral may be a form, landing page, or pop-up window describing a special offer.

Effective marketing collateral helps small businesses automate parts of the sales process. For example, having resources available online that answer common questions about a product or services, like on a FAQs page, is good for the consumer, and for your small business.

The easier it is for consumers to help themselves, the easier it will be to for them to convert and close. Plus, good marketing collateral empowers the consumer to go at his or her own pace, so you can focus on other things.

Marketing Collateral That Helps You Grow

Marketing collateral is an important part of an internet marketing strategy. Instead of treating it like an afterthought, marketing collateral should be developed alongside several other internet marketing services, like advertising, content creation, and inbound marketing.

Marketing collateral should work in parallel with these services to be most effective—the messaging, copywriting, and design, should complement each other.

Small businesses should focus on producing a variety of marketing collateral to cover common areas in the sales process.

Eighty percent of senior marketers said creating marketing collateral was a top priority last year. This content may include things like a company fact sheet, launch planning, founders and executive biographies, as well as things like a mission statement and a press kit. The majority of B2B companies invest heavily in marketing collateral. In fact, only 16 percent of companies don’t.

One of the best ways to ensure marketing collateral is effective is to work directly with the sales team while developing the material. Who better to explain the consumers’ needs and desires, or what questions they have, than the people who interact with them most?

The sales team will have a lot of useful data about the behavior of consumers they’ve interacted with both online and off. They’ll also have a lot of useful information about the competition.

When it comes to effective marketing collateral, functionality always beats form. In other words, spending too much time on the aesthetics of marketing collateral can be a waste of time if the collateral doesn’t do what it’s suppose to do.

Your marketing collateral should support your content strategy; its aim should be to stand out as an authoritative voice in the industry. It doesn’t have to be stunningly beautiful to do it, either.

Ninety percent of B2B buyers are more likely to engage with sales professionals who are viewed as thought leaders in that industry. Effective marketing collateral will help a sales team rise to peak potential.

Our goal is to bring your marketing collateral into focus and alignment with other internet marketing services. Combined, they form a powerful tool that can make a big difference for your small business.

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