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The information age is not without its challenges. An abundance of online information has given consumers great freedom to explore a growing diversity of products and services. But with great diversity comes overwhelming amounts of content: so much that the attention spans of consumers have dropped off considerably.

During the last decade, the human attention span has dropped from 12 minutes to just 5. Ten seconds is about how long a visitor to your site will take to decide whether he’s going to stay and engage with that content.

To compensate, marketers have begun using data visualization, information design, and visual content, all commonly referred to as infographics.

Traditionally, infographics were visual representations of data illustrated with a chart or diagram. Recently, there has been a creative revival of the classic pie chart and the Venn diagram, with infographics depicting all kinds of interesting topics in visual displays that read more easily than paragraphs.

And it’s not just numbers and data points they’re visualizing, either. In fact, infographics are becoming more common for editorial and content purposes throughout most industries. Companies now use infographics to tell stories, explain complex systems, or to illustrate how something works.

In addition to making these topics easier to digest, and more suitable for the consumer’s attention span, infographics are highly sharable. They look great on blogs and social media, so the content you’ve worked hard to produce has the potential to reach further on the web.

 New Ways to Display Your Data

 Infographics are greatly dependent on how well they’re designed. Similar to landing page copywriting, which relies on words used to incite action, infographics require a strong design aesthetic to be effective.

Skimp on the design, and regardless of how interesting the information is, it won’t get much traction online. Adding color, for example, has been reported to increase attention spans by up to 82 percent.

Consumers aren’t reading as much as they used to. Only about 20 percent of the text consumers see online will ever get read. Infographics attempt to deliver more of the same message to consumers by offering more than text, and appealing to their visual sense.

Once you’ve got their attention, the kind of information you share with consumers via infographic will be determined by what they need to know. What do they want to know? What interests them most?

Infographics are a great way to promote your small business with content that provides value to the consumer. An effective inbound marketing strategy relies on content that pulls consumers towards a brand—a departure from traditional advertising, which pushed consumers to make purchases.

Infographics that contain useful information helps consumers become more familiar and trusting of your brand, so that your small business can build a relationship with them.

 Infographics for Your Small Business

 There are many ways in which infographics can help support the goals of your small business. Use them on your website to draw attention to interesting facts and figures. Share them in blog posts to illustrate new data or research discovered by your company. Switch up a tried newsletter by adding graphic elements to the text.

There are many ways to come up with great content ideas to visually display in an infographic. Infographics are particularly useful for small businesses because they’re a perfect way to recycle old content.

For example, if your small business just shared a case study or report about the effectiveness of the company’s products or services, an infographic can articulate that same information in a new way.

Small businesses don’t have to come up with new data or information to create eye-catching infographics. Most of the time, you can get started with material you’ve already got on hand.

However, the purpose of an infographic should be to provide clarity through design and imagination. If the ideas expressed aren’t made clear in the design of the infographic, it’s not an effective marketing tool, or much use to the consumer.

Our team specializes in conceptualizing and producing effective infographics that will be a value to your small business and the consumer. Let us help you design beautiful and interesting infographics your consumers will want to share, while also establishing your small business as thought leading in your industry.

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