Copywriting Techniques that Help with SEO

Copywriting is a marketing investment where content is created for the benefit of both the intended audience and the search engine. Done correctly, a well-crafted article not only ranks well under Google’s algorithm, it also compels the reader to take action. Perhaps click on a link, sign up with their email, or buy a product outright.

Creating a good article that captures the audience is fairly straightforward – keep it simple and informational. But how do you make it appeal to search engines at the same time? Here are some techniques you should know:

Grabbing the Right Keywords

The process starts with the keywords – specifically grabbing the right ones that match your industry. More than 50 percent of the job is getting the right keywords that aren’t overly used yet. For example, if you use the keyword “Grand Canyon”, you might get buried under all the other pages using the same keyword. It therefore makes sense to use something a tad more unique “Grand Canyon rafting” or “Grand Canyon adventure”. This poses fewer competition and could give you better chances of ranking in Google searches.

Entice with the Title

You’ll find that there are actually three titles to be concerned about when writing for SEO. There’s the Meta Title, the Meta Description, and the Article Title itself. All three should contain a primary keyword or a secondary keyword to make sure that it grabs the attention of the reader as well as the search engine. If you do a search – the Meta Title is the one that pops up while the Meta Description is the longer phrase at the bottom. Ideally, both should be phrased in a way that compels the person to click. It has to imply a sense of urgency and availability of information.

Formulating Content in Context

Old SEO is limited by simply putting keywords in an article several times and then hoping for the best. Today however, Google managed to factor in quality and intent. You see, whenever people type a word or phrase in the search box, they’re looking for something specific. They could be looking for information about a product or perhaps they already know what they want and simply want to buy it online.

Good copywriting tailors an article to meet the person’s intent when launching the search. For example, a search about “best basketball shoes” is done for information proposes so you want to provide candid reviews of product before linking out to the product itself. On the other hand, a search of “basketball shoes” leads to an e-commerce site. The word “ideas” in a keyword usually means a list article while a “how to” is targeted towards beginners.

Answering Questions

Google has this beautiful feature where you can type words onto the search box and it completes the phrase for you. This immediately shows some of the most common questions or search terms used by people in relation to your product or service. Good copywriters often use this as a jump off point for the creation of quality articles. Using these questions, answers can be formulated for the audience – creating a targeted approach towards problem solving. The beauty here is that this format makes use of long-tail keywords which helps narrow down the market.

It’s a Numbers Game

Understand that not all articles will get excellent ratings – even if it is optimized for search engines. Some of them will do badly and it’s important to be able to identify the good ones from the bad. The totality of these articles will determine your site’s overall quality. This is why it’s important to make the distinction so that you can overwhelm a bad page with a good one.

Initiating the Turn

Copywriting is made to encourage visitors to do something without overly selling it to them. The approach has to be subtle and done in such a way that there’s no pressure on the person reading. In layman’s parlance, this is called “the turn” where you go from offering information to asking for something to be done.

A good way to initiate this is by encouraging contact to ask questions, make estimates, get a freebie, enjoy a free trial, or get an exclusive product.

Research the Top Rankers

Finally, don’t forget to check out the competition. For SEO purposes inside any Houston SEO company, it’s important to find out the common features of those who are currently occupying the spot you want to occupy with your content. This will give you the chance to tweak your own content in a similar style and then add a few more details to get ahead of the competition.

Note though that in order to gain the benefits of an SEO-friendly article, you have to choose a good copywriter who can do the job for you, consult with Johnny Chen for further advice. It takes some skill to hit that balance between informative and SEO-friendly if you really want to rank well within your keywords.

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