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What Is Digital Advertising?

Mesh.Live.Build. is a service provided by content marketing agency MESH Interactive that provides quality digital advertising services to small and medium sized business in Manchester, NH, and surrounding towns.

Digital advertising, or display advertising, refers to advertising on websites. It can feature a variety of formulas, including video, text, audio, flash, and image, and is used to attract site visitors with brand messages and more general advertisements. Twitter and Facebook are predicted to make up 33 percent of the display ad marketing share by 2017, with mobile ad spending also expected to increase.

High-quality display advertising is a powerful sales platform when utilized correctly, and one of the many ways small businesses can enjoy the benefits of internet marketing. It’s important to ensure display advertising is executed in the right way to sidestep nominal results that consume too much of your marketing budget.

How Can Digital Advertising Help Your Business?

Small and medium-sized businesses face a number of challenges that digital advertising can rectify.

Digital Advertising Expands Brand Presence

Digital marketing is a key step in expanding your brand’s presence. It increases brand awareness for your desired audience because it allows you to target websites, blogs, social media, and other channels targeted audience visits regularly. It puts your message in front of consumer eyes and helps boost click-through and conversion rates. If you can show a consumer a banner ad or other display advertising option that’s too good not to click on, you’re increasing website traffic and possibly gaining a new loyal customer.

Contextual, behavioral, and demographic-based targeting with display advertising allows you to cater to your target audience rather than using general marketing tactics that might or might not have an effect.

Digital Advertising Helps You Increase Customer Base

Paid display advertising is a method of reaching sections of your target audience you didn’t know existed. It allows you to promote creative, engaging content, work towards a specific sales goal, and generally extend your reach. In today’s world, a personalized approach is vital to marketing success. Paid display advertising is one of many internet marketing methods that does just that.

Digital Advertising Offers Variety

As mentioned above, digital advertising comes in many forms, such as video and search display. This makes it possible to get extra creative with your advertising efforts and engage with potential and actual customers in a number of different, interesting ways. Whether capturing consumer attention with an informative video, piquing interest with a beautiful image, or encouraging click-throughs with a few short sentences, the creative possibilities are truly endless with digital advertising.

Digital Advertising Allows for Re-Targeting

Digital advertising allows for re-targeting, or targeting those who have already visited your website. It provides businesses with an aggressive, highly specific way of capturing consumers’ attention by identifying and tracking the products and services they’ve already looked at. Re-targeting creates new advertisements built around these products or services to increase conversions and subsequently ROI.

Search and social media re-targeting are also part of this strategy. For example, it’s possible to target users based on their search queries with customized ads that appear on assorted channels.

Digital Advertising Provides Mobile Advertising Opportunities

Yet another benefit of digital advertising is the ability to capture the attention of consumers on mobile devices. Mobile marketing is more important than ever, as there are 3.65 billion unique mobile users around the globe. Ignoring the mobile market is something no business can afford, whatever its size and budget. Ensuring ads are mobile friendly and appear on target audience apps and all other mobile sites they use is therefore very necessary.

Digital Advertising Provides Ideal Return On Investment

Digital advertising provides optimal return on investment when utilized correctly, thanks in part to its many placement opportunities and capabilities. Search advertising, shopping advertising, native and display advertising, sponsorship advertising, remarketing and retargeting…there are many ways to harness the power of display advertising and use it to increase brand awareness.

Placing ads across social media channels and search engines are merely two placement opportunities, with others including syndication and site-specific sponsorship options. Identify the display advertising possibilities that work best for your target demographic and track them to make certain you’re obtaining the ROI you deserve.

Internet marketing is something any business can take advantage of, no matter its size or budget, and digital advertising is one of the many great ways to go about it and put your business in the minds of consumers.

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