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Small businesses work hard to attract interest online; they produce original content, write blogs, and send emails, all with the hope of providing information to people looking for their products or services. When consumers overlook these things, it can feel like a total loss.

Everyone can use a friendly reminder from time to time. It’s human nature that we forget things and get sidetracked or derailed from our objectives, even when it comes to things we want to be doing.

Your customers are no different. In fact, they regularly avoid a straight path on the buyer’s journey, which can make conversions more challenging on every front. Small business owners need these customers—they can’t just let them slip through the cracks.

So, how do you bring people back into the fold? How do small businesses remind people who showed interest in their products or services that those products or services are still available? Retargeting for small businesses can help bring these customers back.

Bring Customers Back With Retargeting

Retargeting, also called remarketing, is a form of online advertising that serves advertisements to people who have already visited your website or online content.

It’s a way of providing a friendly reminder that could very well push the buyer along the journey in the direction you want them to take. Ad retargeting can lead to 147 percent higher conversion rates for some industries when used in combination with other internet marketing services.

As a small business owner, capitalizing on warm leads will help attract more attention to your website, which will in turn help optimize your site and search ranking. Nearly half of all search engine marketers report that retargeting is the most underused online marketing technology.

There’s never been a better time to send out a friendly reminder.

Why Your Small Business Should be Retargeting

Familiarity, and other brand positioning factors, helps build trust with consumers; the more they see your brand, the more likely they are to act when given a call to action.

Retargeting allows small business to stay relevant in the eyes of their perspective clients, and remind previous clients of new benefits they may find interesting.

Three out of five U.S. online buyers said they notice ads for products they looked up on other websites. Small businesses will find this helpful as they search for online solutions to maximize their efforts and resources.

Just like your business, each retargeting campaign has unique objectives to drive specific actions from a buyer. This includes things like signing up for a newsletter, downloading an eBook, or converting a new customer. You can even retarget customers that have abandoned their shopping carts.

Did you know that 26 percent of users who receive retargeted ads to complete their checkout processes complete their transaction? Can you afford to lose that 26 percent?

Retargeting Customers 101

There are two common types of retargeting/remarketing campaigns that will help small businesses: pixel-based retargeting and list-based retargeting.

The former is the most common and works by tracking a user who visits your website with a hidden piece of JavaScript known as a cookie. When the user visits your site, his browser tracks this cookie, allowing you to serve specific ads.

This tool is great for small businesses selling a variety of products, or businesses with comprehensive sales funnels. Pixel-based retargeting can be performed almost immediately after the user leaves your site, and they can be unique to a page on your website or based on behavior.

List-based targeting is another great option for small businesses. This retargeting tactic allows you to engage users who downloaded your free content or signed up for your newsletter in the past. You can cross-reference user profiles on various platforms, like Facebook. If your emails match up with platform users, these people will get served your retargeted ads.

Retargeting strategies are now available for PPC in Adwords Customer Match as well. This new tool allows small businesses to retarget CMR lists using email addresses directly in Google.

Remarketing or retargeting lists are great for maintaining brand awareness, and for increasing conversion rates. There are lots of tools and platforms for retargeting your audience; we’re here to help you make the most of these retargeting campaigns and interpret the valuable insights they provide small businesses.

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