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At the heart of every Internet marketing strategy is email—the workhorse of online correspondence. And that’s no understatement. Worldwide, an estimated 193.3 billion emails are sent zipping through email servers every single day. The average person gets 121 emails delivered to his inbox daily, many of which come from large and small businesses competing for the attention of consumers.

Nobody likes getting junk mail—we get it. And that’s not what good email marketing has to offer your small business. Do you know you can save time with email automation? Or that you can increase conversion rates with an autoresponder series?

Contrary to what you might think about email marketing, this tactic is alive and well. In fact, email marketing still gets the lion’s share of return on investment: a staggering 4,300 percent ROI.

Small businesses in particular should pay attention to the benefits of email marketing: it’s affordable and provides great data and insight; plus, with so many platforms and tools to choose from, you can design and distribute customized emails that are as unique as your business philosophy. But that’s just the beginning.

Email has so much more to offer than basic communication, especially for small businesses.

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

Among the many reasons to use email marketing is to save time and money.

Small business can automate several of their processes with email, saving time so business owners or employees can focus on other things. Email marketing can automate a lot of things that would otherwise occupy the time of an employee or a small business owner.

For example, setting up an autoresponder series to help move buyers down the sales funnel is a great way to learn more about your buyer’s journey. By automating this process, you can worry less about each individual customer; instead, you’ll be free to focus on how best to communicate content with these buyers in a sequence that makes sense to them.

With email marketing, you can also automate messages like thank you emails, send confirmation numbers, or provide shipping information. Email marketing will ensure this content gets delivered quickly and efficiently.

How Can Your Business Use Email Marketing?

It doesn’t matter where you are with your email list; regardless of how many people subscribe to your emails, you need quality subscribers to achieve your goals.

Maybe you don’t have any subscribers at all. That’s okay, too. Your goal shouldn’t be to fill up your subscriber list, or sales funnel, with unqualified leads, or bogus email addresses. By focusing on the quality of your subscribers, you’ll be better off in the long run, and your subscribers will appreciate the thought and care that goes into your unique emails and content.

Small business owners are always looking for new clients, right? There are lots of ways to grow your list with qualified subscribers. With email marketing, you can incentivize people to sign up to your email list by providing them with unique content, special offers, or trial periods with your product.

Requesting a user’s email address is a common way of delivering these offerings to consumers at no charge. In addition to email addresses, you can collect other important user data to help further qualify these individuals, or to learn unique things about potential customers.

You can also let them pick what list they would like to sign up to, giving them more power to reach the content they want, without cluttering their inboxes with information they don’t need. Ninety-five percent of people who sign up for emails from a specific business find the messages useful. We want your small business to be a useful source of information.

Once users sign up, you can start communicating through an automated sequence of emails designed to hit all the points on your sales funnel, from awareness and information, to pricing and conversion.

Most email marketing platforms have powerful segmentation tools that allow you to target your audience with precision and purpose. You can customize messages and personalize content so that every email looks and feels unique to that user.

Email marketing platforms also offer powerful analytical tools to help you make smart content and communication decisions. You’ll know when to send your emails, what layout works best for your consumers, and who bought what so you can follow up with a thank-you email after the purchase.

If your small business has ever struggled to succeed at email marketing, don’t give up just yet. We know how powerful this internet marketing tool can be, especially when combined with other internet marketing services.

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