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Mesh.Live.Build. is a service provided by content marketing agency MESH Interactive that provides quality online advertising/PPC services to small and medium sized business in Manchester, NH, and surrounding towns.

Unfortunately, most small businesses face competition. You compete for customers, for retail space, and positioning in search engines like Google and Bing.

Eighty-six percent of all ad impressions occur in the top four spots of a search query; when getting your website there organically isn’t an option, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising is the next best thing.

Ranking organically (unpaid) for your website can be difficult depending on how saturated your market is. Fortunately, PPC advertising allows you to purchase ad space in search results, which gives you a chance to catch the attention of customers searching for your keywords.

PPC advertising and SEO work hand in hand. In fact, they work best when integrated into an advertising strategy.

The algorithms that determine your business’ search ranking are designed to ensure the best experience for the user. They consider things like content length and quality, the time people spend on a page, inbound links to your website, and other SEO-related factors.

However, the top ads appearing on any search engine results page (SERP) will always be paid advertising. Regardless of how well certain keywords perform organically, utilizing PPC to complement what’s working is a great way to maximize the visibility of your small business on Google and other search engines.

This year, paid search is expected to reach $86.03 billion; if you’ve been on the fence about PPC, it’s time to consider the possibilities.

Pay-Per-Click Makes Online Advertising Easy

Small businesses rely on advertising to share information about products with potential customers across various media channels. In 1994, the term “banner advertising” was added to our vernacular, and the digital landscape has never been the same.

But banner ads face similar obstacles to print or TV advertising: they require careful placement and thorough research to ensure the audience is right for that particular message.

Small business owners don’t have the luxury of taking chances with such important advertising decisions. So, they rely on PPC advertising to eliminate some of the guesswork and streamline their results.

PPC is great for small businesses that have limited budgets. It allows small businesses to learn more about what messaging works best in a market, and it allows business owners to draw logical conclusions about marketing decisions.

Specifically, PPC allows you to test what’s working in your ads and what isn’t. In other words, you get to experiment with ad copy, images, keywords, and landing pages to see what’s helping your business convert leads into sales, while also highlighting areas that need more attention or work.

In addition to advertising, PPC gives small businesses owners powerful insights into their overall marketing strategies. Over time, small businesses will save time and money using PPC. In the long run, this will also help small businesses get discovered on Google.

How Does PPC Work?

Google Adwords is by far the most popular PPC platform; its total revenue is larger than that of the entire print industry in the U.S.

Adwords provides small businesses with powerful insight tools that track and articulate data into meaningful insights that help you test and retarget your audience with precision and purpose.

To begin a PPC campaign, you simply define a budget, which is then used to buy ad space on search queries for specified keywords you determine prior to launching the campaign.

Every time someone clicks on your advertisement, you pay for the ad. If the user doesn’t click on the advertisement, you pay nothing. PPC is a great way to get traffic and customers to your site today, while other Internet marketing services and strategies gradually help your site achieve its overall potential.

Keyword selection and new PPC features, like ad extensions and retargeting tools, now allow you to personalize your PPC campaign, as well as follow up with previous site visitors.

In collaboration with other Internet marketing services, PPC can play a huge role in your marketing success story. You might not be as familiar with keyword research and Adwords as you’d like to be, but our team is fluent in the language, and we can help you get started with a budget-friendly PPC campaign today.

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