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It’s estimated that, by 2018, worldwide users of social media will grow to 2.5 billion. For small business owners, that’s great news. Social media has become a profitable marketplace, as it is a community for learning, entertainment, and advocacy. Moreover, the marketing potential on social platforms is boundless, with new, inventive ways of engagement popping up all the time.

From influencer marketing to social contests and viral videos, your success on social media is limited only by your imagination. Unfortunately, small business owners are often too busy solving the daily problems they face running a company to devote much time to social media.

The fact is that social media plays an important role in the public’s perception of your small business. Fifty-seven percent of consumes said that interactions on social media, like positive reviews or comments, influenced their view of that business.

How do you want your business to be represented on social media?

Small Businesses Should Get Social

Social media does something that marketing can’t do alone: it plays the long game with consumers, allowing deeper relationships to form overtime.

Thanks to platforms like Facebook and Twitter, we don’t just see business as nameless, faceless enterprises; we now view them with more humanity, see the people working behind the scenes, and learn about company ideologies and philosophies, all while learning more about their offerings.

Today, one third of millennials report that social media is their preferred channel for communicating with businesses.

This is an important shift in the way consumers perceive businesses in general. Just like people, businesses strive for authenticity, particularly on the public-facing side of social media.

Small business can capitalize on all the things that make them unique on social media. In combination with traditional display adds, users can gain a more authentic sense of your business, which can be all a new customer needs to feel comfortable making a purchase.

Creative Marketing on Social Media

In 2016, social media marketing will top $9.8 billion. With all the new tools and special features platforms roll out each year, there’s really no limit to what you can do, or learn, from implementing social media marketing in your internet marketing strategy.

There are all kinds of ways to market on social media, most of which help drive traffic to your site, increase visibility, and improve engagement across other media channels.

Display advertising on platforms like Facebook and Twitter allows you to segment demographics for a particular campaign. Once you’ve isolated your target audience, you can create several ad sets to test different aspects of your ad, like you would for PPC advertising.

Algorithms will determine what ads work best for a particular campaign and get more effective the longer you run the ads. The data you receive from running these campaigns is often just as useful as the display ads themselves.

Social media marketing is also a great place to showcase your content. In order to start a conversation on social media, you’ve got to have something to say, right?

Content marketing on social media is the driving force behind engagement. Good content helps your audience learn more about your company, discover information, or entertain users. Each is valuable, and each can serve a purpose for your small business and your social media marketing strategy.

Good content marketing on social media can result in leads, sales, or advocacy of your small business. Social media is also a great place to host contests or other social promotions that benefit from the collaborative environment of social media. You can organically increase your reach on social media by hosting contests, give-a-ways, and more.

Finally, social media is a great place to interact with influencers. Influencers are people with sizable followings and represent an authoritative voice in your industry or within your niche audience. With social media, you can gain their attention, trust, and support over time by appealing to their interest, likes, and preferences. If they like your content, they may be inclined to share it with their followers, bringing your brand more exposure, new leads, and advocates.

Getting social on social media can be complicated. There are a lot of ways to use social media marketing for your small business, and we’re here to help you find a balance that works for your budget, and your business goals.

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