Mobile Friendly Responsive Design

The explosion of internet-connected smartphones is dramatically altering the way customers search for and find products and services. You can’t turnaround today without bumping into someone who’s checking out something on their small screen.

Can you afford to miss out on this lucrative, smartphone connected market?

Just having a standard website won’t get you where you need to be. Smartphone users are fickle. A recent study indicated that 40 percent of consumers have switched to a competitor’s mobile site after a bad online experience. On-the-go consumers don’t have time to plod through mobile-difficult sites that force them to pinch, scroll, and search endlessly for what should only take an instant to find.

The Mesh.Live.Build lets you enter your content once and it formats the text and graphics for both your PC site and your mobile friendly site automatically. No duplicate data entry required. Deploy your words, pictures, and graphics once and it is available on both mobile and PC browsers instantaneously.

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Fortunately, MESH LiveBuild can provide you with a mobile friendly site that will reflect positively on your small business. Your mobile friendly site will include:

  •     Gorgeous mobile design for on-the-go visitors
  •     Consistent branding that reinforces your other marketing
  •     Fast click-to-call buttons let users call you with one touch
  •     Bold graphics that display properly on small screens
  •     Big menus and buttons designed for fingers not mice
  •     Powerful mobile website analytics for better decision making
  •     Complete website content, the same as your PC site

Can you wait any longer to tap into the growing smartphone carrying consumer market? If not, contact us today!

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